• Property Holdings

    The Property Holdings division manages a large and diverse portfolio of property including commercial, tenant occupied rentals, and farm land.

The properties owned by GHL include the GDC administration building; the WINZ office and tenanted house in Ruatoria; the GDC archive office and workshops, VTNZ Testing Station and Bridgestone workshop in Banks Street; GDC Dog Pound and leased farmland at Dunstan Road; VTNZ Vehicle Testing in Carnarvon Street; Downers depot and other buildings in Te Puia; and the Waikanae Beach TOP Ten Holiday Park – above ground structures only, with the land owned by GDC.

Property Holdings also acts at landlord to the upper floor of The Works building where the GHL Head Office is based. GHL has a management contract with GDC for its 7 staff houses and 120 community housing units, all of which are managed by the Property Holdings division. This division is also tasked with delivering major projects across the company.

Property Holdings

The Works building
41 Esplanade
PO Box 694

Ph: 0204 183 4481

Investing in community owned assets for the benefit of current and future generations.