• Tauwhareparae Farms

    A melding of three stations: Puketawa, Tamatea, and Tauwhareparae.

Tauwhareparae Farms is a melding of three stations – Puketawa, Tamatea and Tauwhareparae – but run as a single unit by general manager Keven Delegat.

The operation covers 11,500-ha, with around 6000 ha considered effective and the remainder in forestry blocks and Protected Managed Areas (PMA). The farms farm around 60,000 stock units, made up of a Romney sheep flock and Angus/Hereford cattle. Annually, the operation lambs 24,000 ewes and calves 3000 cows along with replacement stock and currently runs a breeding/finishing system for the sheep and a breeding/store market system for the cattle. Fifteen full-time staff are employed on the farm, which is located 45-kilometers inland from Tolaga Bay and runs from 600-1100m in altitude. The terrain is rolling to step and the location makes it a summer safe property.


Tauwhareparae Farms

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